Depending on capacity we’re sometimes able to offer public Eroles workshops in a non-residential setting. We frequent conferences and festivals across Europe, with the desire to reach out to as many different people as possible, not only those who are able to travel to Spain in the Summer.



NGOs and grassroots projects are crucial for the transition to a sustainable, high well-being and low-carbon society. We have worked with a range of non-profit organisations, looking at systems thinking for organisational change and creative processes for organisational culture and community. We specialise in NGOs and small community organisations or projects, and have combien over 20 years experience within community building, systems thinking and management consulting. Please get in touch to hear more about what we could do for you.


Sustainable Activism, L’Annexe, Paris, December 2015

This workshop used a range of holistic, participatory and creative methods designed to resource us to remain nourished, inspired and effective within the challenging context of climate activism. The workshop offered tools that support the personal and inner dimension of activism as well as sharing skills for inter-personal work, necessary for effective collaboration within our groups and networks. Aimed for activists, NGO workers on environmental and social issues.

The Newbridge project, Newcastle, October 2016 as part of the Hidden Civil War Festival

Eroles ran five days of free workshops on subjects including systems thinking, creative tools for social change, group dynamics and theatre of the oppressed.

Methodologies for adaptive development: Ways of doing development differently – Manilla, Philippines, April 8-9 2017

How does development work in today’s complex interconnected world? What theories of change, frameworks, and methodologies can we apply to be more responsive and transformative in our work?Join Maria Llanos and Sarah Queblatin for a 2-day workshop on Adaptive and Systemic Development approaches and tools to explore ways of doing development differently in response to today’s complex challenges. More information here: Ways to Do Development Differently Overview


Sustainable & Creative Activism, Frackanpada, Vitoria, 16.07.15

This workshop explored and offered tools for a more sustainable and effective activism. It aimed to create spaces for reflection and learning about the external and internal factors that are burning out activists and groups working for social change and environmental justice. The workshop offered a range of tools to work with our groups to improve the wellbeing, effectiveness and sustainability of our groups.