Eroles Arriving

When I wake up, and see a mosquito net above me, for just a small moment, I can’t place myself. Having just been in Stockholm, a mosquito net was definitely out of place.
Eroles Project."Oh yes, oh wow, here I am." The house, hamlet, project, community, spaciousness, exploration, discovery, inspiration, creativity, that we (a loose collective of international artists, changemakers, growers and activists) had been dreaming of for the past six months was finally happening.I look around my green, forest-themed room, smile at the tree trunk framing the bed, and step out on the balcony. Eroles, the hamlet of around 12 stone houses and an old church tower, perched together along the ridge of a Pyreneesmountain in Northern Spain, is quiet apart from the birds, dogs and occasional goat.One by one we get up to have a leisurely first breakfast, but the excitement is too high. Soon enough long rolls of paper were out, to-do lists composed, plans made, pictures drawn and work started. These first few days will be filled with action, cleaning, growing and bringing the space to life. With the help of our Erolee neighbour and his graceful sything skills, the overgrown jungle ispoco a pocobecoming a garden ready for growing. The house, La Casita de Colores, having for many years been a home and hostel hosted by the wonderful artist Carol, has so much character, it takes very little to enliven it, each room is already bursting with quirky stories and intriguing colours.It is amazing, to say the least, to be here. And as we skype with more and more people interested in joining us, different themes for the coming weeks slowly shape themselves. We also understand more of what we ourselves as the core community want & hope for, what intentions to set and what projects within "the project" we can explore.We dream of this community being open to all, and hope the labels artist, activist, sustainability expert etc. don’t scare people away. I for example, am neither artist nor activist. At least not in the traditional sense. This is a space where we wish to gather people with the same values, but if these values are manifested in different ways, even better. The most exciting things can happen when we are different.Ok. I think this is the end of my daunting first blog-post of the Eroles Project. We’ll be several people writing, posting pictures, sharing thoughts as we go along our journey of creating a space for sustainable, creative and collaborative action. We hope you stay tuned. But more importantly we hope you’ll join us.