Perugia, Italy 16th – 31st March 2017

This emergent 15 day Community of Practice will take place in a rural house in the province of Perugia, Italy, giving the intimate context for 9 participants with diverse backgrounds to exchange understandings from their work, research or practice that concern the co-creation of present day cultures & communities.   The content and flow of the days will be designed by participants along with Ruth Cross (Eroles Project) including getting to know each other & the space, sharing practices, participatory sessions, participant led sessions, time for walking, playing, gardening, house work, meditation, cooking, bodyworks and documentation.   Why this, why you and why now? In an age of uncertainty we are witnessing the power of narrative to galvanize collective responses to the challenges of our time. Divisive narratives have amplified fear of the other and permitted systemic racism at all levels of society. Yet simultaneously we see robust responses with Indigenous lands being celebrated and defended by people of many cultures, new waves of on/offline collaboration, experiments in degrowth and movements of radical friendship between newcomers and locals.   We urgently need to create new narratives that celebrate such cross cultural responses, that speak to our commonalities rather than our differences, that spark hope and that harness our collective assets.   This CoP asks can we share human and nonhuman lives on our earth whilst being with our collective past, present and unknown future? What energising practices and new narratives do we need to support the emergence of peaceful and integrated cultures, which have capacity to generate meaningful and effective responses?   One aim is to visualise the activities, thinking and practice from this exchange into a booklet, film or new media to share approaches of plurality, intersectionality, cultural diversity, and the yet undiscovered.   Cost on a sliding scale 600€ – 350€ *Price includes food, accommodation & resources for 15 days (bursaries available please email for details)