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Tools/methodologiesEnlivenmentAndreas WeberEnlivenment
Tools/methodologiesSystems thinkingDonella MeadowsThinking in systems
Tools/methodologiesSystems thinkingDonella MeadowsLeverage points
Tools/methodologiesTheatre of the OppressedAugusto BoalGames for actors & non-actors
Tools/methodologiesLegislative TheatreAugusto BoalLegislative theatre – Using performance to make politics
Tools/methodologiesSpiritualty and changeBucko & M. Fox Occupy Spirituality: A radical vision for a new generation.
Tools/methodologiesPsychologyM. Max Neef Human Scale Development.
Tools/methodologiesActivism and spiritualityActivismo y espiritualidad
Tools/methodologiesAction ResearchP. Reason, H. BradburySAGE The handbook of action research participative enquiry and practice
Tools/methodologiesEco philosophy J. Macy Coming Back to Life.
Tools/methodologiesOrganisational ChangeO. Scharmer and K. KauferLeading from the Emerging future.
Tools/methodologiesComplexity and cultureWertheim M.Pythagoras' Trousers: God, Physics, and the Gender Wars.
Tools/methodologiesComplexityF. CapraLa trama de la vida / Web of Life
Tools/methodologiesOrganisational changeE. ScheinOrganizational Culture and Leadership.,%203rd%20Edition.pdf
Tools/methodologiesArte terapiaAllen PatBGuía de auto descubrimiento a través del arte y la creatividad
Tools/methodologiesArte terapia HumanistaElvira Gutiérrez RodríguezProceso Gestáltico a través de los chakras
Tools/methodologiesCommunicationM. RosenbergComunicación no Violenta: Un lenguaje de Vida
Tools/methodologiesOrganisational ChangePatricia ShawChanging conversations in organisations
Tools/methodologiesOrganisational changeSMARTCSO´sLa Gran transición: Cinco puntos de apoyo para las organizaciones de la sociedad civil.,com_phocadownload/Itemid,2/download,214/id,118/view,category/
Tools/methodologiesComplexity and cultureJohn ShotterConversational Realities
Tools/methodologiesComplexity and cultureJohn ShotterCultural politics of everyday life
Tools/methodologiesComplexity and cultureJohn ShotterSocial Construction on the Edge: 'Withness'-Thinking and Embodiment
Tools/methodologiesComplexity and cultureJohn ShotterGetting it: Withness-thinking and the Dialogical– in Practice
Tools/methodologiesComplexity and cultureJohn ShotterSpeaking, Actually:: Towards a New 'Fluid' Common-Sense Understanding of Relational Becomings
Tools/methodologiesPerception and knoweldegeTim IngoldPerception of the Environment
Tools/methodologiesPerception and knoweldegeTim IngoldBeing Alive: Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description
Tools/methodologiesPerception and knoweldegeTim IngoldThe Life of Lines
Tools/methodologiesLeadershipMeg WheatlyLet go and Lead:
Tools/methodologiesSocial Presencing TheatreArawana HayashiSocial Presencing Theatre
Tools/methodologiesSustainable activismMaria LlanosEroles Frackanpada
BordersMigrationTalking Migration
BordersRefugee crisisRefugee economics. Rethinking popular assumptions.
BordersRefugees and communityHannah ArendtWe, refugees
BordersMaría LlanosLas externalidades de nuestro bienestar
BordersFinding our path
BordersAid and DevelopmentDoes Foregin Aid really work?
BordersAid OrganisationUNHCRRefugee Data
BordersSocial change projectHej FrämlingHello Stranger
BordersSocial change projectSINGHA
PoliticsAnarchismColin Ward
PoliticsAlt-Left thinktankMetamoderna
PoliticsPlatform for progressive
PoliticsPlatform for progressive
Climate justiceClimate Justice Action
Climate justiceReclaim the Power
Climate justiceResilience in activismKevin Buckland"Organizing Cultures of Resilience: Activism in the Anthropocene"
Alternative mediaROAR MagIndependent journalistsROAR Mag